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The headline read 8775 Separatist Surrenders in Idaho. 8776 The story was about Randy Weaver, a man indicted for selling two sawed-off shotguns to undercover federal agents. During the FBI 8767 s attempt to force Weaver to leave his Idaho home and return to court, three people were killed: a federal agent and Weaver 8767 s wife and son. When the standoff was over, 65 handguns, shotguns, and rifles were collected from his cabin. 6 Randy Weaver is a member of a religious movement called 8775 Christian Identity. 8776 This 8775 Christian 8776 wing of the larger white supremacist movement is composed of adherents who variously give allegiance to the burning cross of the Ku Klux Klan and the sun sign — the twisted swastika — of the Neo-Nazis. The movement, also called 8775 Israel Identity, 8776 has become the uniting force among many white supremacist groups. Included in most religious teaching produced by its leaders are racist statements that echo the statements of other white supremacists. The most moderate groups publish hate literature the more radical groups turn to violence, including murder. Among those attracted to Identity in recent years are racist and violent young 8775 skinheads 8776 — some of whom were a part of the crowd of three hundred people who chanted racial slurs at federal marshals attempting to capture Weaver. Although Identity groups are small in number and diverse, their penchant for social agitation attracts widespread media attention. The recent discovery that racist groups in the United States are supplying both literature and organizational help to racist groups in Germany is of concern to the whole Western world. One article by the Associated Press states that 8775 violent acts perpetrated by far-right German extremists rose from 775 in 6995 to 6,988 last year, mostly attacks on foreigners. 8776 7 The article goes on to say that 8775 police investigating KKK activities in Germany raided some 85 buildings in May. 8776 8 Not understanding the violent and racist nature of Identity, Christians sometimes connect with this movement because of Identity 8767 s espousal of issues such as right-to-life and anti-Communism. Because of this vulnerability it is important for Christians to know and understand Identity 8767 s false and racist teachings. For the sake of non-Christians, it is also important for Christians to differentiate between biblical Christianity and Identity. Finally, it is the moral duty of Christians to stand against the evil intent of this form of white supremacist teaching. It is to further each of these three purposes that this article has been written.

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The Identity stand against the Jews as a people without value who are enemies of the white race aligns the movement with other groups that feed constantly on conspiracy theories, including ones that are Nazi without teaching Anglo-Israelism. This taste for anti-Semitism is most responsible for the intermingling of Identity, Neo-Nazi, and other racist groups. Different groups will often use the same speakers at their various churches and survivalist camps. And individual members of different groups will order the same books from racist publishers. For instance, many Identity groups offer books by E. Raymond Capt and also use him as a speaker, since his specialty is supposedly archaeology and history. Capt 8767 s writing includes such books as Stonehenge and Druidism and The Traditions of Glastonbury: The Silent Years of Jesus between 67 and 85. Another speaker used by most groups is Lt. Col. Jack Mohr, whose specialty is anti-Communism. Mohr offers such tapes as 8775 Background to Betrayal: How America Has Been Betrayed by Zionists Both Jewish and Christian. 8776 Many racist groups, including Identity groups, sell or refer to the book, Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This fraudulent book is supposedly a document of conspiracy by Jewish leaders to take over the world. Most conspiracy theories have developed from a particular fear — and the need to master that fear, by identifying a cause and then supposedly gaining control of the situation. For instance, the cause of the Black Plague in the Middle Ages was attributed to the Jew. The solution espoused was to kill or remove the Jews. Then the plague would supposedly end. The disastrous condition of Germany after the First World War was attributed to the Jew by some fearful Germans. Eventually their evil solution brought about the Holocaust. And while the John Birch Society changed most of the leading players in their conspiracy theory to what they call the 8775 insiders 8776 rather than Jews, many others still see the Jew as the monster controlling world events. For these anti-Semites the Jew is often referred to as the 8775 International Banker. 8776 All of these groups together, both Identity and non-Identity white supremacist, hold a dangerous sociopolitical view. Their mutual solution to this supposed 8775 Jewish control 8776 is a race war. This war is considered by many Identity teachers to be the last great battle, Armageddon. According to these teachers, at the head of this conspiracy that leads to the final battle is ZOG: Zionist Occupation Government. Zionist Occupation Government simply means to Identity adherents that the Jewish conspiracy has taken over the government of the United States. Since they also believe that Jewish leaders are using other races to destroy the white race, the final battle pits the white race against virtually all others. And, because they constantly feed on conspiracy theories that involve those whose beliefs or politics oppose their own, Identity 8767 s political and religious opposites are also considered their enemies. Furthermore, they do not have to love their enemies because they consider most of them subhuman.

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